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State of Matter Ltd was established in 2011 by Tsjerk Hoekstra PhD to help start-ups and spin-outs at the cutting edge of technology. He is delivering value by driving technology from start-up to listed companies through successions of acquisitions. His career has stretched from Renewables, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Telecom to his current interest of High Volume Consumer Electronics. Most Recently he was Director of Advanced Technologies with Cirrus Logic who is the “Big Guy” in Audio and Voice solutions for smartphones and headsets, and in addition the company positioned itself well for Smart Home and IoT growth markets.

He has been successfully three times through this value creation cycle:

  • Akzo-Nobel Spin-Out => Acquisition by JDS-Fitel => Acquisition by JDSU

  • Kymata Start-Up => Acquisition by Alcatel  => Acquisition by Avanex

  • Oligon Start-Up  => Acquisition by Wolfson Microelectronics  => Acquisition by Cirrus Logic


He is using his PhD in quantum physics and material science to put a solid fundament under Nano and Micro technologies allowing for commercial success through high volume manufacturing. Combining this with an in-depth market understanding and customer engagement allows him to build and structure long term technology roadmaps and identifying strategic and academic partners to deliver the required technology building blocks. He is currently working on the definition of next generation hardware and software technologies dedicated to audio mining and classification through Machine Learning and Neural Nets.

These are the key ingredients to successfully architect, develop and deliver high-tech / high volume products. He has also used his deep understanding of technology and markets to create to develop and commission research and development programmes on behalf of the Scottish Executive to deliver new technology and intellectual property to form the basis of new Scottish businesses. He holds more than 40 patents and is well regarded in the scientific community and is a regular speaker and expert panel member.


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