value proposition

Our technology development is always market driven. We will expertly match your innovation with market opportunities from our own insights and experience beyond the common Market Analysis Reports. 

The focus is on capitalizing on the differentiating value of your idea to your prospective customers, based on technology and market trends to predict the future intersection.

We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your innovation and build the value proposition around this.

This value proposition is a basis for a go-to-market strategy including potential t customers.


target customers

With the value proposition in mind we will propose a range of target customers from our network or from the landscaping excercise.

We have direct experience in a wide range across four main industry sectors with indirect experience in adjacent markets like Automotive.


We will guide you towards a limited selection of proposed target customers and also potential routes and strategies towards these customers.



"Don't get into Google without lines of code"

"Don't get into Samsung without something they have not experienced before"

Building a working prototype to demonstrate your innovative technology is a must-do to successfully approach the target customers.

We can help with the design, build and testing of these demonstrators with our wide network of S/W and H/W providers and institutes. 

Below is a succesful ultrasonic gesture demonstrator developed by MEng student Christian Felgemacher in 2010 which went on to travel across worldwide customers.


To ensure customer engagement with your innovative demonstrator or prototype it has to excel the competition in the areas of differentiation.

We are expert in early bench marking of devices and solutions, which also provides additional data for the customer presentation.

The bench marking also provides feedback how to present the demonstration with impact.

attack planning

Delivering what you promise is key to successful business development.

The key to know what to promise and to flag up delays in developing the technology and associated demonstrators is integrate the customer plan with the technology plan.

The benefit cut both ways, the awareness of R&D of the customer dependencies and upfront visibility of delays towards the customer providing time to manage the expectations.

We are very experienced in building and helping execute these customer attack plans.


We have product marketing of various new technologies in different industry sectors across the world.

We can use our extensive network to arrange your world tour and advise on the various triggers which differ from customer to customer.



The main objective of the customer engagement is to understand the alignment in time and in features and timing. This information should be used to align your internal planning and goals with the target customers.

With our understanding of the cycles for a large variety of products and industry sectors we can help you to plan for success.



In our experience it is key to manage the opportunities as a portfolio and not individually. 

The portfolio is typically evaluated in terms technology/development risk vs customer value.

We can help you to build and balance your portfolio and the align with your technology and business development.