We have over 20 years of experience in Optics covering the fields of Lasers, Fiber Optics, Planar Lightwave Circuits and Photonic Integrated Circuits. 

Covering the material science of polymers, dielectrics and semiconductors in the optical and the electro-optical domain.

Familiar with passives, monolithic integrated, hybrid integrated, athermalisation, rare-earth doping and many more photonic technologies

Built at least two volume production lines for PLC's and PIC's from the ground up, and can use this experience to help or debug your production.



Part of the MEMS pioneering group at the University of Twente where Europe's first MEMS transducers were developed outside Japan

Covering the developement of MEMS in photonics, acoustics and sensors.

Familiar with microphones, speakers, ultrasound transducers, mirrors, shutters and many more.

Expert in MEMS on CMOS processes and monolithic integrated CMOS-MEMS.

Transferred MEMS processes and packaging from lab to high volume production  and can use this experience to bring your MEMS technology to production



We have over 10 years of experience in acoustics for consumer electronics including smartphones and tablets.

Covering the areas of recording, playback, noise reduction and speech processing and the various other audio use cases.

Familiar with MEMS microphones, MEMS ultrasound, MEMS Speakers, Proximity sensing, Gesture recognition

Designed several acoustic components into smartphones and tablets and can use this experience to help the definition of your acoustic products.



Experience in a wide variety of transduction technologies to create highly selective but low power sensors and sensor networks, including photonics, MEMS, micro-fluidics, ISFET, etc

Covering the development of bio-sensors, acoustic-sensors, pressure-sensors, particle sensors, gas-sensors

Familiar with sensor read-out electronics, digital signal processing, sensor fusion and classification.

We can help to bring your sensors to production including the issues in test, calibration and stability.


machine learning

Machine Learning and AI are not only a hype, they are also a reality which can bring an advantage to Your Product.

Machine Learning offers the next generation in signal processing bringing additional advantage to your Sensors and Transducers.

Areas we can provide expertise includes Condition Monitoring and Classification for novel User Interfaces and enhanced User Exerience.



New User Experiences and User Interfaces form key use cases for novel sensors and transducers in the Consumer Electronics space.

Advances in Signal Processing and Machine Learning allows for significant reduction of Friction of User Interfaces.

We are experienced in seamless system architecture of Devices based on Micro/Nano Technologies  combined with Machine Learning.



The functionality of components is usually determined by the interplay of a system consisting of hardware H/W , Software S/W and Algorithms including Machine Learning M/L.

We provide expertise in systems on the component level and on the module level consisting of multiple components.

Where possible a platform and framework approach to development driving co-design of H/W, S/W and M/L provides the optimum performance and design efficiency.