market opportunity

We have over 20 years of experience in identifying market opportunities beyond the Market Analysis Reports the majority of the industry is following. 

The focus is on capitalizing on the differentiating value of your idea or concept.

We will benchmark your technology against the competition and identify it's strengths and weaknesses.

This will result in identifying a go-to-market strategy including potential lead customers.

product definition

With the detailed knowledge of the market opportunity and the competitive landscape we will propose the main promising product variants to you.

We will prepare an overview of the most attractive use cases and refine these with you and/or your prospective customers


This will be transformed into a detailed product definition and associated test plan.

We recommend to supplement the Product Definition with a Technology Roadmap to ensure sustained competitiveness and enhancing long term value for your customers. 


design for exellence

Interactions between the various aspects of your technology and product can cause significant issues when scaling up production.

DfX methods allow to identify and address these possible interactions upfront so margins are built into the product design to ensure performance within the manufacturing capabilities.

The most important DfX methodologies we apply are:

- DfM (Design for Manufacturing/Yield)

- DfR (Design for Reliability)

- DfT (Design for Test)

The tools we apply include FMEA, Monte-Carlo, Design DOE, Lifetime Prediction, Control Plans and applied to device Manufacturing as well as Assembly & Test

IP strategy

Applying Patent Landscaping once the differentiation of your technology is clarified allows for a proactive patenting of the white areas to protect your future competitive advantage.

We are expert in this proactive patent strategy which does not require for the R&D to have been fully completed.

We are well connected to the various IP attorneys which each have their strengths is slightly different technology areas.

process transfer

We offer an excellent working relation with key Foundries and OSAT's around the world as we have successfully transferred the various processes.

Having clarified the Product Definition and having applied DfX in previous blocks provides the basis for a smooth first soft ramp.

Special attention support will be given to your team to ensure the design of test structures is adequate to monitor the key parameters as followed from the DfX analysis.

Foundry partners respect our scientific background and as a result offer detailed cooperation and support in process transfers.


new product intro

Based on the DfX outcome, FMEA results and the Process Transfer we will prepare a structured NPI plan with a focus on the identified risk areas.


Short loops and soft ramps are designed to catch these risk areas in an early stage.


Resulting is a staged introduction of Your Product into Volume Manufacturing with your selected partners.


yield improvement

Key to yield improvement projects are the process control plan, process capabilities and guage R&R of the measurement tools


Most NPI's start with little of no yield and we use a combination of DfX modelling and simulations with the process data to steer the yield improvement activities.

We typically apply the process distributions back into the modelling to direct design and process improvements. 


quality & reliability

Experts in debugging Quality and Reliability issues with your parts following from the manufacturing line.

As Material Scientists familiar with a large range of analysis techniques and well connected into the various analysis companies and institutes.

Expertise with a large range of Quality and Reliability problems at the production lines and delivered a range of improvement plans to solve.